• Curriculum


    Our curriculum framework is benchmarked against internationally acclaimed practices.It is specifically designed to broaden your child’s intellectual horizons from a developmentally appropriate perspective.

    Our program is designed by our in-house specialists who oversee the implementation of best practices from the IPC Curriculum that are in alignment with the Singapore Kindergarten Curriculum Framework(KCF). We take a proactive role in facilitating the transition of a child from Kindergarten to Primary School. Our curriculum incorporates activities and assignments that prepare them for the change in teaching styles, environment and routine when they enter Primary School.

    We respect children as competent thinkers and communicators. Through quality interaction and opportunities for research and inquiry, our dedicated team of educators develop the child’s understanding of the real world while maintaining high academic standards.

  • approach

    Objective Based
    • Objective Based

      Our clearly defined objectives are designed to facilitate assessment and to highlight areas of progress and concern for children.

    • Inquiry Based

      Our educators engage children in discussions that are designed to spark and maintain interest levels.

    • Research Based

      We encourage children to do intentional and self regulated learning on subject areas of their interests.

    • Theme Based

      Each month emphasis is given on a specific educational theme.

    • Creativity Based

      Our approach honors child’s creativity and encourages them to be forward thinking and innovative.

    • Play Based

      We make learning fun; children are exposed to a learning environment that is second nature.

  • Core learning areas

    • Language arts

      Our language and literacy framework instills in the children a positive disposition for languages. It not only stimulates verbal interaction between children but also immerses them in a literacy rich environment and encourages them to use language to record their ideas and thoughts.

    • Numeracy

      Our numerical framework promotes the knowledge of numbers and their meaningful applications in real-life situations. Our program promotes problem-solving, reasoning, connection and representation.

    • United Nations

      Our curriculum encourages activities to ensure that not only do children have an appreciation of people from different countries and cultures, but also knowledge of the countries where they come from. In this atelier, we give your children the opportunity to explore the world around them, ask questions, make close observations and carry out hands on projects on 12 different countries each year.

    • Science and Technology

      Children are exposed to logical and scientific concepts allowing them to apply inquiry and process skills. Children engage in activities that build on their abilities to observe, predict, investigate and conclude. In addition, we enrich our science program through field trips and ample workshops provided through expert visitors.

    • Creative Arts

      Our creative arts curriculum emphasizes on the correlation of music, art and dramatic play to combine deliverables for early learners. These activities contribute to a child’s artistic and creative progression and helps develop perceptual, cognitive, language, and social skills.

    • Motor skills and Physical development

      As your child grows, he learns to move and he learns through movement. Our physical development program builds the foundation of rudimentary and motor skills upon which the development of all other movement and sports skills are built. We encourage activities involving play and movement; this enhances the quality of your child’s life and influences their decisions about life long recreational and sporting pursuits.

    ore learning areas
  • Mandarin Program

    It’s a small world. Help your child succeed in the future by enriching your child’s learning with a bilingual education.

    Our preschools’ mandarin program is in accordance with the MOE primary school syllabus. Lessons are infused with fun and interactive activities to support children’s understanding of the Chinese language, culture and values. A combination of resources like news reports, magazines, song and poetry are used to make lessons engaging.

    Programme Objectives & Resources

    • Understand Mandarin
    • Converse in Mandarin
    • Read Mandarin
    • Write in Mandarin