Our Ateliers

Our Ateliers

The world is a place with scientific wonders where the geographical boundaries are fast shrinking. We feel children growing up today should have scientific insights to stimulate the young brain and a global outlook in every facet of their lives.

To facilitate this, we provide two specialized ateliers to enable them to become early adopters.

Science Ateliers

In this atelier, your child is taken on a journey of engineering and inventions, investigating the sciences through guided explorations in the settings of a children’s laboratory. These programs are designed to be fun, explorative and engaging. Some sample modules will be:

  • Junior Aerospace Engineering

    Junior Aerospace Engineering

    Through fun activities our little ones learn to make basic air balloons and construct planes.

  • Junior Chemical Engineering

    Junior Chemical Engineering

    Children learn about solid, liquids and solutions by making fun concoctions of bubbles, play doughs, ice, baking soda and many more.

  • Junior Environmentalist

    Junior Environmentalist

    Let’s get your child to be a little environmentalist as they explore the concepts of vegetable farming, floriculture, and learn about endangered species.

  • Junior Robotics

    Junior Robotics

    The little engineers try their hand on programming and robotics as they build their very own versions of flying birds, roaring lions, drumming monkeys etc.

United Nations Atelier

United Nations Atelier

In this day and age, global travel and global communications require that children not only have an appreciation of people from different countries and cultures, but also a knowledge of their own country of origin

In this atelier we treat our children as diplomats to represent different countries. This atelier focuses on project-based learning where we gather resources from around the world, along with age-appropriate activities to teach them about different cultures. We build a global exploratory corner where arts, crafts, food and educational items of different regions for children to examine.

  • Health Inspection on Arrival

    Health Inspection on Arrival

    Let’s get ready to start the day!
  • Breakfast A healthy & yummy breakfast


    A healthy & yummy breakfast
  • Morning Circle Time

    Morning Circle Time

    What are we going to do today?
  • Outdoor Play

    Outdoor Play

    Let’s get moving!
  • Thematic Activities

    Thematic Activities

    Learning time!
  • Our specialized ateliers

    Our specialized ateliers

    United Nations and Science.
  • Lunch Time

    Lunch Time

    It’s time to indulge in a healthy and nourishing lunch.
  • Shower / Nap Time

    Shower / Nap Time

    With their little tummies full it’s now time to rest and replenish.
  • Mandarin Programme

    Mandarin Programme

    Fun time in Mandarin!
  • Enrichment Programme

    Enrichment Programme

    Extra enrichment from specialised teachers.
  • Evening Circle Time

    Evening Circle Time

    It’s time to wrap up the day.
  • Parent’s Pick Up / Free Play

    Parent’s Pick Up / Free Play


Our curriculum and classroom culture creates an environment where your children achieve highest levels of excellence. Each Paddington child strives to be:

  • Independent Thinkers

    They are capable of developing independent thoughts, ideas and opinions. They appreciate when collective thinking is required to achieve a beneficial outcome.

  • Team Workers

    They work well as a team and can lead as well as accept a leader in group activities.

  • Reflectors

    Through inquiry or instruction, they can appreciate and reflect on newly obtained knowledge.

  • Predictors

    They are capable of predicting the outcome of their actions and can explore the “What if’s?” They can make connections and correlations.

  • Communicators

    They are capable of communicating their ideas, needs and wants in an effective manner.

  • Social Caregivers

    They strive to accommodate the social needs of others and are compassionate, knowledgeable and friendly.

  • Values & Principles

    They flourish as moral global citizens and have a sound grasp of principles like honesty, reliability and objectivity.