Did you know your child could be the next Einstein or Da Vinci? Did you observe their sketches, academic work and listen to their amazing questions?

At Little Paddington, we believe that every child is unique and our approach focuses on highlighting their strengths. We provide a learning environment for your child that is full of holistic knowledge and loving guidance.

We envision children as active protagonists in their journey of learning. We explore the world through their eyes. Along with their natural curiosity and our expertise, we work together with you to give your child an enriching learning experience.

Little Paddington Preschools focus on maintaining a healthy balance of child-directed and teacher-guided activities. Our curriculum framework is benchmarked against internationally acclaimed practices and is specifically designed to broaden a child’s intellectual horizons.


Our curriculum progresses from a play-based approach in PG to incorporating research and inquiry based projects that prepare children of K2 for the change in teaching styles, relationships, environment, and routine when they enter Primary School.

Our driving ambition is to make your child confident and articulate. That is why, our schools create an environment where children thrive, inspired by passionate teachers and supported by excellent pastoral care. We assure you that your child’s achievements and their positive approach to all aspects of life will make you proud.

  • Kids’ play land

    Kids’ play land

    At Paddington, we believe that a child’s play is not simply a reproduction of what he has experienced but a creative reworking of the impressions he has acquired.

  • Active learning

    Active learning

    At Paddington, we view our children as infinitely capable, creative and intelligent. We encourage children to communicate with the world using all their potential, strengths, and languages and to successfully overcome any obstacles they are presented with.

  • Nurturing environment

    Nurturing environment

    In Paddington, childhood is filled with natural wonder and curiosity. The learning environment reflects a classroom and outdoor space that inspires a sense of wanting to investigate, to find out and to explore.


With a philosophy rooted in holistic education, we aim to engage each child’s interest and motivation by giving them daily opportunities for creative expression through child-led, process-focused learning. To encourage them to question, reason, hypothesize, develop self-confidence and learn.


  • Learning is their journey

  • Let them navigate

  • Push them to explore

  • Watch them discover

  • Encourage their questions

  • Allow them to struggle

  • Support their thinking


Mrs. Prerna Jhunjhunwala


We live in a very competitive world where securing our children’s future is very important. Their future depends not only on math, science and language, but many other skills as well. They need well -developed social, cognitive and leadership skills. And these take time to develop. That’s why a thorough foundation during pre-school itself prepares your children for facing their future with increased confidence.

I graduated from NYU and moved to Singapore, filled with passionate vision to provide the best education possible for everything that children can need. An education where children thrive in a friendly, safe, clean and engaging learning environment.An education where they have free access to imaginative learning spaces. An education where they learn not only academically, but physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively as well.

It is with this vision in mind that the first Little Paddington centre with a capacity of 120 children was started. Since then, our commitment to delivering child-centric and developmentally appropriate learning experiences has helped all our children to reach their full potential with our very capable Paddington team and the highly nurturing environment. This is an accomplishment we’re very proud of. I’ve always believed that the strongest foundations in life are based on education. It is this foundation we’re building for your children. Come, let’s build a bright and happy future together.

albert Einstein Albert Einstein

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge..

We at Paddington are committed to excellence

We at Paddington are committed to excellence.

With years of experience in the field of early education, our team strives to maintain international and local standards across all areas of practice.

Our educators focus on the process of co-construction of knowledge, in turn releasing the traditional roles of a teacher and opening doors to new possibilities for your child. The highly passionate and qualified team comprises of curriculum specialists, English and Chinese language teachers. In addition, we engage specialists for art, science and sports to further enrich your child’s learning experiences.

Our team recognizes that education is more than what appears in curriculum guides or a series of activities. We believe learning is a process that takes place throughout the day, from interactions and meals to playing and discovery, from learning a new musical instrument to programming a robot. We never miss an opportunity to engage and educate.